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    The Evil Within® 2 Xbox One
  • The Evil Within® 2 Xbox One
  • The Evil Within® 2 Xbox One
  • The Evil Within® 2 Xbox One
  • The Evil Within® 2 Xbox One

The Evil Within® 2 Xbox One

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You, most likely, like games about secret agents who like to say "you are my goal" several times. But do not even worry about it, because every hero loves only one thing - to fulfill his goal, that's in this game there is. Julia Kidman and Moebius agents meet Castellanos at the bar in a drinking bout. Julia becomes an intermediary in the relationship between Sebastian and Mobius, promising to help find the burning answers. The first response was given at once - the death of his daughter Lily was fabricated, and she herself was used as the nucleus of a new world for the STEM system, where it is now locked. Now Sebastian has to find her. There are several first tasks that will introduce you to the course of the matter. After that, there will be several independent missions that will be able to reveal from you what you are, but most importantly, almost every player will be able to show his talent in this game, maybe not at once, but he will definitely try. Try and develop in this game, because it is through experience that everything can turn out.
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