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    Overwatch Origins Edition Xbox One
  • Overwatch Origins Edition Xbox One
  • Overwatch Origins Edition Xbox One
  • Overwatch Origins Edition Xbox One
  • Overwatch Origins Edition Xbox One

Overwatch Origins Edition Xbox One

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Genji - the youngest son of the head of the clan ninja Shimada. After disagreements with his brother to participate in the fate of the criminal empire of his father, he was almost killed. Genji died of his wounds, but the organization Overwatch offered him salvation in exchange for service. Many agencies have Genji replaced with cybernetic implants. At some point, they began to call him disgust, but then he accepted the fact of who he is, and realize the real extent of his humanity.

The new body of Genji made it even faster and improved his ninja skills. The main weapon in his arsenal - accurate and deadly shurikens and katana, which he beats off the attack of enemies. Due to its mechanical body, Genji can climb walls, do double jumps and strike enemies with lightning attacks, leaving their bodies bleeding. When it comes time to expose the blade of his katana, Genji appeals to the power of the dragon and is able to hit a lot of enemies with a single blow.

D.Va - former kibersportcmenka, and now - the pilot of an experimental military bellows. Her duty - to protect the native South Korea from a giant robot monster that regularly emerges from the deep sea. D.Va For every new job - the next game. She is ready at any moment to come to the defense of their country: when the squad MEKA coming forward, D.Va fearlessly rushes into battle.

Fur D.Va equipped with two atomic guns with short-range destruction and accelerators that enable it to break into the ranks of the enemies and go through obstacles. D.Va can protect itself and its allies, employing a protective matrix bottles to shoot down missiles flying into it. D.Va can also evacuate the bottles entering the reactor in an overload condition, then the fur will inflict massive damage to nearby enemies. If it will destroy armored exoskeleton, D.Va may trigger a new 'Mech and go to battle.

At an observation post in Antarctica, there was a terrible catastrophe: polar powerful storm damaged the life-support system. May and worked on the basis of scientists had to put yourself into a state of cryogenic freezing as long as someone does not come to their rescue. Mae was the only one who survived. During this time, the climate problem in the world have become even more acute. May is determined to identify the causes that lead to disturbances in the ecosystem of the planet.

Following its mission, Mei uses devices to influence the weather, to slow down opponents and to protect the countryside: freeze enemies using endothermic blaster, hitting their icy shells and create a wall of ice that blocks the way, closes the overview and block attacks. If there comes a threat to life, Mei cryostasis uses to defend itself. It can also change the weather on the battlefield, causing blizzard that slows and freezes enemies.

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