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    DiRT 4 Xbox One
  • DiRT 4 Xbox One
  • DiRT 4 Xbox One
  • DiRT 4 Xbox One
  • DiRT 4 Xbox One

DiRT 4 Xbox One

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It’s the last race of the championship and I’m gunning down a dirt track, kicking up dust as my car sweeps around each turn. My co-driver is doing his best to keep me informed of what’s coming, but there are gaps where he hasn’t fully mapped out the course. I’m racing blind. Ahead of me is a steep drop, snaking downwards into a forest covered in a thick blanket of fog. It’s twisting and labyrinthine, and I can barely see a metre in front of the vehicle, but somehow I make it out the other side, back into the sunlight where the finish line awaits.

Dirt 4 isn’t about mastering tracks – it’s about reacting to every bend in the road while travelling at speed, teetering on the edge of control. At any time, a tiny bump in the road, a fence post, or a sheer drop can end your run.

Rally games are built around this thrill, with your co-driver barking out each upcoming turn as you gun down a mud track. Dirt 4 cranks it up a notch with the addition of random elements, including crashed AI opponents, hovering helicopters kicking up clouds of dust, or your co-driver fluffing their lines. In addition to all that, there are an infinite number of procedurally generated courses, so there’s always a new challenge waiting for you, even when you master the bespoke tracks spread across Career mode.

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