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    Destiny 2 Xbox One
  • Destiny 2 Xbox One
  • Destiny 2 Xbox One
  • Destiny 2 Xbox One
  • Destiny 2 Xbox One

Destiny 2 Xbox One

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The last stronghold of humanity was unexpectedly attacked by the Red Legion under the leadership of Dominic Goyla - and the Guardians did not survive. The city fell, Goyl captivated the Wanderer and the Guardians instantly lost all, from their cosponsors to all the items in the vault. There are several games that are waiting for all of humanity, some of them, this is just this game. It is a first-person shooter, not even just a shooter, but a popular science shooter, which simply collected a large number of fans in a record small amount of time. There are several streamers for this game and that's it. And the rest play in such popular games as: FIFA, NBA, PUBG. If you are bored with such plot-free games, you can easily buy this game and enjoy beautiful textures and beautiful story lines. I want to note that now at the moment it is played by more than 1 million people, which is quite good for such a game! Of course, this is the opening of this season in the game world, which will help to add a bit of variety to the game in this world.
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