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    Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One

Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One

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Released in 2009, Batman: Arkham Asylum until the last moment remained a "dark horse." Hype before the release of the game was not observed, and the developers at Rocksteady attention to itself had not attracted. Everything changed once the game critics put their first assessment. Information wave covered all. The game suddenly gained the attention it deserves, and with it - success, fans, and also brought an incredible income publisher. The new game series Batman: Arkham Knight came June 23, 2015 is suitable in the PC and consoles of new generation.

The story Batman: Arkham Knight will be the logical continuation of all the events going on in the Elizabeth Arkham madhouse from the original game. Place inhabited by murderers, maniacs and other unhealthy personalities, as we know, one of its kind scolding horror. The sequel has its origins in the time when the head of the city mental hospital becomes the mayor of Gotham City. In addition to his new responsibilities, Quincy Sharp has not forgotten the last works - work in "native" clinic. The territory of the psychiatric hospital significantly expanded due to a quarter of Gotham City. Distinctive features of this area knows every local resident - a high concrete fence and constantly patrolling the site mercenary soldiers. The institution becomes much doubtful, because in the "new building" to the mentally ill, move the most dangerous prisoners from the prison located nearby. Just imagine this "cocktail" of selected loonies and unscrupulous murderers. How in these conditions can not fail to mature something terrible?

List of the principal actors in the Batman: Arkham Knight also substantially expanded. The creators promise to meet Bruce Wayne (aka Batman, if someone does not know) with a very interesting character - two-faced. No details about him and his purpose developers are not reported, but the mere presence of such a colorful villain in the game is happy. whether we will encounter face to face with Riedler - another mystery, as if to throw them away. Double portion of this gentleman puzzles guaranteed.

On the role of the main antagonist in the game the Brits just settle ... no, not the Joker. It is stated that a much greater danger to Gotham zhitleley this time will be Dr. Hugo Strange, is not shy to carry out their experiments on human beings. According to rumors, it was he who led the psychiatric hospital after leaving Sharpe. In addition, Mr. Streynzha we demonstrate in a single two-minute trailer, where he was with a straight face enters the victim of some chemicals. Intrigued, thank you.

Pleasant trifles

We pass on the details of the plot to detail technical. Batman: Arkham Knight on a scale difficult to compare with the mental hospital from the original. Just imagine, a huge city in which we have the right to go left even though the right and use the Batmobile. The notorious "corridor" will be reduced to a minimum. And where freedom - there are new opportunities for custom solutions missions.

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