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    Alien: Isolation Xbox One
  • Alien: Isolation Xbox One
  • Alien: Isolation Xbox One
  • Alien: Isolation Xbox One
  • Alien: Isolation Xbox One

Alien: Isolation Xbox One

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Alien: Isolation - the sci-fi horror survival of Amanda Ripley (daughter of Ellen Ripley from the original film "Alien"), which is trying to find out what happened to the ship Nostromo and her mother.

15 years after the events of the movie "Alien", Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, trying to find out the truth about the disappearance of her mother. Playing as Amanda, you have to figure out all the circumstances to meet face to face with a stranger just one that needs to be out of sight.

Authors Colonial Marines environment at one time also implemented well. But backup levels directly from the film for them turned into a problem. What movie looked decent, the game suddenly turned into the same type of gray corridors (and it was not the main problem of the failed project Gearbox Software).

Alien: Isolation of fate, fortunately, avoided. Immediately evident that interior designers loved his work: on the tables strewn nedochitannye someone magazines and books, computers are in unfinished mugs with coffee and all sorts of lovely knick-knacks, and in a bin full of crumpled pieces of paper nearby. The interiors breathe life, and no room is not like the previous one. "Sevastopol" - absolutely natural ecosystem, full of despair and fear, and a stranger here in the first place is not dark, horse, crawling somewhere in ventilation.

Alien spares no one, he vomits on the part of people though, even synthetics (if he himself upon him), but the main delicacy for him - you. Hunter always appears suddenly and unexpectedly. If you saw him, you know - the hunt began.

On their counterparts from the series Aliens vs. Predator, or Colonial Marines he did not like. Local dark, horse on the order of smarter, more agile and more dangerous. When developers released it to you, the scripts are disabled, and the monster is given to himself. It lies in the ventilation shafts, sneaks level and listens attentively to you.

He hears everything: how you inadvertently kicked aluminum cans on the floor as you klatsat keys on the keyboard as you creak soles, and even sneeze as you in my room, if Kinect or PS Camera included. The only hope for survival - the famous motion sensor. But even stranger can easily detect its faint squeak.

No monsters from Amnesia, no crazies from Outlast can not be compared with the ideal body. Such games simply did not exist before.

Like any good horror about a man and an unknown creature, Alien: Isolation is divided into two parts. In the first you - helpless victim, the second - a hunter. With flamethrower. However, hunting is unlikely, especially if you are playing at a high level of complexity. But at least now we can give Stranger at least some resistance and often get out of the closets and under the tables.

But even if tailed enemy fled, know that he is still somewhere nearby, watching and ready to attack. And once you lose vigilance, he will come out of the ventilation directly behind you.

Alien: Isolation - in many ways a revolutionary product, and one of the best adventures of recent years. And certainly the best game about the "perfect body."

"Alien" by Creative Assembly is not perfect technically, sometimes loose, sometimes uncomfortable. But the game always keeps the tension, perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the picture Ridley Scott and introduces the player with the most intelligent and dangerous monsters, which also does not submit scripts and always "on your mind." Do not unconditional masterpiece, but certainly a completely new gaming experience.


Excellent level design;

Excellent sound;

One of the smartest enemies in video games (and perhaps the smartest);

Most important for the universe;

High complexity.


Annoying bugs;

In some places in the old-fashioned bad game design;

The last quarter of the game is tight;

Country scene near the end of the course.

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