Error 80151012

1. We go to the account through the computer / tablet / phone (, enter the data from the purchased account [email protected]; password

2. If you are asked to send the code to a secret mail, send the code. If they let you in without a code, then skip step 2.

2.1 After the code was sent to the secret mail. We go to the secret mail and search for an unread letter with the subject "Microsoft account security code", open the letter and look for the code, it looks something like this:

2.2 After that, we enter our code in the field on the Microsoft website, in our case it's code 8233036. Click "Verify"

3. We went to the account, click on "Security"

4. In the "Security" section, select the "REVIEW ACTIVITY"

5. We are again asked to receive the code in the mail and enter it again, as described in paragraph 2.1-2.2

6. On this page, click "This was me"

7. Now you can log in again from your Xbox console without error 80151012. Have a nice time.